• Character Kids–program designed for preschool age using a combination of stories, songs and games to teach appropriate character traits.
  • Esteem Builders–for elementary age focusing on self-image, self-worth, and empathy through stories, hands-on activities and group discussion.
  • Cyber Safe–an internet safety program specifically for the older elementary. Program explores how to be safe through social media, chat rooms and other web experiences.
  • Stick up for Yourself–a self-esteem program geared for 6th graders to examine how they are treated by peers and how they treat their peers. Group discussion and case scenario role play is a large part of this program.
  • Working Through Conflicts–a basic conflict resolution program for 7th graders that teaches the different types of conflict they face as peers and how to effectively deal with conflicts that arise.

Prerequisite: Stick up for Yourself

  • Bully Prevention/Bystander Awareness–targeted for 8th grade – 12th grade with a progressive approach in learning basic bully prevention tactics and what role a bystander plays. Each grade will build on subject matter learned with an opportunity to participate in a service project club.
  • radKids–a self-empowerment program designed for ages 3 ½ – 12 teaching that no one has the right to hurt them and how to put in place a plan for protecting themselves. This is a hands-on program with specific moves demonstrated and practiced throughout the course offering the child with the tools necessary to flee from a predator. This course is taught in conjunction with local law enforcement.
  • Run2–a runaway prevention initiative targeting girls ages 9-17 who are at risk of running away. It is also for the general population of girls within this age bracket. The program will teach what happens when a choice is made to run away, why someone might choose to run away, and what can be done both to prevent running and for coming home.

For more information, please contact Amy Smith at amy.letsbringthemhome@gmail.com or text EDUCATE to 479-871-1059.